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Kuehne+Nagel initiates a collaboration with Atomler

Kuehne+Nagel initiates a collaboration with Atomler to contribute to the development of faster logistic solutions and pricing for recycled plastic materials.

As the demand for recycled plastic materials increases, the demand for faster lead times on shipping pricing for decision makers grows. Kuehne+Nagel leads the digitalisation of the transport industry by investing in research and technology that brings transparency, sustainability and efficiency to supply chains worldwide. Entering into a partnership, Atomler and Kuehne+Nagel will work together to achieve faster lead times on shipping prices and thus take another step towards the goal of making sustainable logistics more accessible for more companies.

Atomler is a Swedish tech startup company based in Stockholm. In May 2021 Atomler launched their digital platform that simplifies trading of non-virgin plastic raw materials between companies. Atomler offers plastic packaging producers and material grinders a tool where they can find, connect with and communicate with new business partners. The aim is to increase recycling rates by decreasing the amount of material that goes to landfills or to incineration plants.

One core issue has been the time it takes to calculate the cost of shipping the material, negotiations cannot even start without an indication of the total material price”, says CTO and co-founder Johannes Schill.

Kuehne+Nagel Sweden enters into a cooperation agreement with Atomler with the common goal of achieving faster lead times on shipping prices, enabling customers to receive quotes in less than one hour via Atomler’s service instead of waiting for days. Cooperation, innovation and increased awareness are the key to developing new solutions that increase recycling rates while driving the digitalization of the transportation industry forward. Kuehne+Nagel has a holistic, collaborative and customised approach to shipping which challenges the status quo of the transportation industry.

Sustainability is part of our core values and we are now just in the early stage of the next phase of our sustainability strategy. With our Net Zero Carbon programme, we are taking responsibility for sustainable logistics, hand in hand with our customers and partners. The partnership with Atomler is just the perfect fit to our ambition of playing a pioneering role in the logistics industry with this programme.” concludes Helgi Ingólfsson, Managing Director Kuehne+Nagel Sweden

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