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Welcome to a map of all supply available on Atomler

New features - April 2021

Might you find a novel match?

A market that lacks transparency is a perfect place scoundrels and con artists. The lack of transparency creates incentives for companies to act shady and creates barriers for businesses to compete on fair terms. The recycled plastic market is opaque and that fact hinders the increase of recycling rates needed for the industry to reach the high standards set by the EU. Atomler introduces one way of creating transparency on the market for anyone interested in the recycled plastic market space. Please enjoy:

Atomler's supply map

Finally you can see where the supply is located. Only interested in PP regrind located in Poland? It is super simple to filter out your prefrences!

Details about the supply

Zooming in on individual material offers gives you an overview of the material properties, as well as who is selling the material. You can even contact the seller or visit their store instantly from the supply map.

Smoother material requests

If you do not find what you are looking for it is very easy to create a material request using the filter bar on top of the supply map and thus receive weekly matchmails.

Ask store owners about their businesses

Have you found a potential business partner and have questions about their capabilities or what additional materials they are interested in? Just tap the buttons in their store and they will get notified about your interest.

Want your own store on Atomler?

Creating an account on Atomler is free and once you have an account you get:

  • Your own company store page where you can show all your material offers to the world

  • Price recomendations for certain material types

  • An inventory management system

  • Free material requests

//Team Atomler


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