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Negotiating a good deal is only one click away!

New features - June 2021

Asking for a sample perhaps?

Are you tired of being forced to look through never ending mail conversations in order to find the specific mail with the images of the material? Perhaps you have experienced a time when you sent an offer to the wrong customer? Atomler can now provide you with the opportunity to keep all your conversations and files that you have shared with your business parners in one place. We make it easy for you to negotiate a good deal, please enjoy:

Your messages on Atomler

If you want to ask for more details about a material or if you just want to see if the price is negotiable, one click is enough to get the negotiation started. The Atomler messaging system allows you to get started with the negotiations quickly without any mail involved and the best part is that you will always see what material you are negotiating.

Simple search

When you have many negotiations ongoing at the same time it is simple to just write the company name of your business partner in order to filter out the relevant negotiation.

More about your partner

If you want a quick glance about the company you are negotiating with, the top right corner has you covered. More information can be found in their store so make sure to update your company store with relevant information!

Enter your messages

Want to follow up on any messages without having to visit a material? Finding your messages is as simple as logging in and viewing them through the menu in the top right corner.

Sharing images, shipping details or TDS?

Whenever you want to share more images of the material, clarify the material quality with a Technical Data Sheet, send shipping details as PDF and even an purchase order. The new file manager gathers all relevant files in one place. And the best part? The files are connected to your negotiation.

Want to start negotiating materials today?

Creating an account on Atomler is free and once you have an account you get:

  • Your own company store page where you can show all your material offers to the world

  • Price recommendations for certain material types

  • An inventory management system

  • Free material requests

/Team Atomler


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