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What's cooking at Atomler?

Newsletter #28

Dear awesome people,

we recently launched Atomler for parts of the european market and have had really nice respons! Media coverage as well as new users have been grabbing our attention as of late so let's jump into the details shall we?


Akash Nandanwar joins Atomler as Digital marketing specialist! Aksash has a solid background within digital marketing and has several years of experience with SEO, Email marketing, digital marketing strategy and social media marketing. He is a sucker for good presentations and has a passion for traveling. We are very excited to have min onboard!

Other Happenings:

  • Atomler launched v1.0 of on parts of the European market and got positive response from and over 2000 views on some Linkedin posts.

  • Kent presented several potential logistic partners that cover EU and we are looking to move forward with one. Further, the process for logistics handling has been drafted.

  • New functionality allowing companies to share their stores and material offerings has been released.

  • Several improvements has been done to facilitate communication between users of and we hope you look forward to some big news coming during June in this regard.

  • Companies can now add extra visibility to their offers for a small fee.

  • As for the RE:Source project, work package 3 - material quality - is showing good progress and several materials have been sourced and sent to Paxymer for the creation of reference data. Further, the design of the data sheets are complete with final input from RiSE IVF.

  • Progress has been made on how test centers can interact with Atomler in a more efficient manner.

  • There is a lot of activity on site since the release and we see a continuous flow of new companies registering.

  • We have improved our process for verifying registered companies which resulted in the identification and suspension of a fraudulent user who tried to scam other users.

/Team Atomler


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