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Selling your material has never been so simple!

New features - May 2021

Explore if there is any interest?

The demand for recycled and left over materials are booming so take the opportunity to make your materials available in your digital store on Atomler for the whole world to find. We have made it super simple to present the materials in your stock. Please enjoy:

Simple supply form

If you are in a hurry, cannot be bothered with writing a description or just do not know the MFI of the material that you want to sell, then the simple supply form is for you. We have made it quick and easy to upload material supply into your store. The new simple form is the default form moving forward.

Details can still be presented

Do not worry, the classic supply form is available with just a click on the "Detailed form" button

Offer "Free upon pick up"

Sometimes you rather just get rid of the material instead of sending it to incineration. Offering your material "Free upon pick up" allows others to find your material through Atomler and the best part is that this feature is completely free for you as a seller.

Certify the quality of your material through Atomler

Together with our partners Atomler can offer quality certification for material samples sent to our test centers according to a predefined process. Certificates increase the value of your material and increase the possibility of finding new high volume buyers.

Want your own store on Atomler?

Creating an account on Atomler is free and once you have an account you get:

  • Your own company store page where you can show all your material offers to the world

  • Price recommendations for certain material types

  • An inventory management system

  • Free material requests

/Team Atomler


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