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The Swedish startup Atomler launches a trading platform for recycled plastic.

The platform, which has been developed in close collaboration with actors within the plastics industry, aims to streamline trade with post-industrial fractions of PP, PE and PET, thereby increasing the recycling rate of plastic raw materials in Europe.

"We want to streamline the trade of post-industrial plastics by making trading simple, transparent and less risky," says Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli, who co-founded the company together with Johannes Schill.

At least 19 million tonnes of plastic are burned or landfilled annually in Europe, leading to pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, while only 4 million tonnes of plastic recyclates are used in new products in Europe. Due to the insufficient recycling rates, plastic as a raw material has gained a bad reputation both in civil society and among decision-makers. Leading experts such as de Jong et. al (2021) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences believes that a digital platform is needed to create more resource-efficient and circular plastic flows.

“Companies can create their own store on the platform for free, it is an ample opportunity to present oneself, one's needs for materials and one’s recycled or leftover materials," says Johannes Schill.

"Try here"

"Using Atomler not only provides you with a new sales channel, it also helps to increase the recycling rate and thereby improve the reputation of the plastics industry," Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli concludes.

The plastic marketplace addresses several of the challenges that have made it difficult to trade plastic raw materials from post-industrial sources of packaging and industrial applications. The work is co-financed by the Swedish Innovation Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency within the national swedish strategic initiative RE: Source.

About Atomler

The company Atomler AB has four employees and the platform, which is co-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency within the strategic initiative RE: Source, has grown over the past year and now has over 100 registered companies in over 16 countries. For more information or product pictures, contact:

Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli, Founder,

Tel: +46 736 93 84 67



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