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What's cooking at Atomler?

Newsletter #25

Dear Awesome people!

we are happy to let you know that with our new strategy in place, the Atomler bullet train is steaming towards our set goals.


Former Managing director of FTI Svenska Förpacknings och Tidningsinsamlingen AB Kent Carlsson joins Atomler as logistics manager and advisor. Kent, not only has a deep understanding and interest of the recycling industry but he also has a long and hands on experience from road and train related freight with large quantities. We are super excited to have him onboard!

Other Happenings:

  • New features related to our new strategy such as material management and a store has been tested and released in production. Please look forward to some awesomeness in a coming "new features" - mail =D

  • The feedback from potential and registered users is very positive regarding the most recent features and one of the more common questions we get now is: "so how much does it cost?"

  • We have been testing our new value proposition with potential users getting positive feedback on it, there are still some details to be ironed out before we can roll it out on site.

  • We have been sending samples and we are close to 2 new transactions, if all goes well that is =)

  • Companies from around EU have started to call us in order to get materials they need.

  • We have gotten started with a workshop with our consultant partner and we aim to get our cooperation going this week to speed up development of the platform.

  • We have designed and released a new landing page for registered users.

  • We have had a surge of new registered users.

  • There have been tones of material requests registered.

  • Sammy was part of a live webinar hosted by Deligationen för Cirkulär ekonomi. The RE:Source project funded by Energimyndigheten was mentioned but unfortunately it does not seem as if it was recorded so there is no link to share.

Stay safe and healthy!

//Team Atomler


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