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What's cooking at Atomler?

Newsletter #26

Dear awesome people,

we are happy to let you know that we have a steaming hot new value offer to delight the plastics industry with. Our core message is that it should be easy, transparent and safe to trade recycled plastics. With our new offering and platform we belive that Atomler can help streamline the trade of recycled plastics which benefits all actors across the plastic supply chain and beyond.

Atomler has three distinct offers that will help increase the trade volumes of plastic materials. Without an account you can access a map of all supply registered on Atomler, visit the digital stores of other companies and get basic insights on material price information.

Atomler delivers a new marketing channel to industry actors!

The real magic happens once an account is created however! Instantly a digital store for your company is generated where anyone can see your presentation of your company, your material needs and offers. Atomler charges a small fee whenever you want to put materials on your digital store shelves and display them to the world.

Updating our terms and conditions

As an effect of our new value proposition there will be an update to our terms and conditions during next week. More detailed information regarding the changes will be sent out in a separate mail.

Other Happenings:

  • We have been pushing out several new features that greatly improves the experience using Atomler.

  • We have initiated the third work package related to material quality assurance and material traceability with our partners Rondo Plast and Paxymer in the RE:Source project co-financed with the Swedish Energy Agency.

  • Atomler has been invited to speak at an event organized by student at the Stockholm School of Economics on the 4th of May.

  • RiSE IVF in Mölndal organizes a network meeting for the plastic industry on the 5th where we will be presenting the progress so far in the RE:Source project.

  • Atomler is growing and we are in the midst of the recruiting process of a senior developer and an ML-skilled python developer.

  • Kent has initiated negotiations with several logistics companies across the EU and we are super excited about that.

  • EPRO - European Association of Plastics Recycling took the time to discuss the future of recycling in the EU as well as our new value offer. In short "I have seen other platforms that are basically traders with computers. But your product is more relevant since it matches a real need in among industry actors."

  • We have been preparing for a coming press release for the official launch

  • There has been some project management for our consultant partners who are hard at work with helping us speeding up development of a new feature which will make negotiations much more smooth and further lower the barriers for trade of recycled and leftover plastics.


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