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What's cooking at Atomler?

Newsletter #31

Dear awesome people,

welcome to the Atomler newsletter! There are quite a few new adresses in the mail-list so we are excited to share the wonderful world of Atomler with you. Let's dive right into the details:


  • We have been working hard on the technical implementation of the enhanced flows for material quality testing which are based on prototypes developed together with our partners in the RE:Source project. We are soon ready to show the implementation to collaborators.

  • Atomler has been very active on social media and the activity has been fruitful in terms of traffic to as well as in terms of new user registrations.

  • We have had a continued discussions with a possible business partner.

  • IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet received some data from Atomler as to facilitate for their calculations.

  • The RE:Source report has been written on, it will take it's time =D

  • Speaking of RE:Source, Ronoplast, Paxymer and Atomler had a review of the 3rd work package and we were happy to conclude that it is closing completion.

  • We have had a few applicants for the role as sales representative and would love more applications.

  • We are looking into getting the help of head hunting agencies for the sales rep. role

  • Atomler has gotten customer feedback regarding the terms and conditions of the service and we have slimmed down and simplified the document significantly. Please look forward to a new version online soon.

Customer testimonials:

Recently, Pamex used Atomler to find new suppliers and we took the opportunity to ask Andreas Wilhelmsson, CEO, 3 quick questions about his experience using Atomler. Atomler: Hi Mr. Wilhelmsson, can you shortly explain what challenge Atomler helped you with?

Pamex: Finding suppliers abroad is often a challenge and Atomler has helped us connect with suppliers outside of Sweden.

Atomler: How has the experience been in the process from communication to the final deal?

Pamex: The process from the supplier side was somewhat slow since it was vacation times but overall the process is simple to handle.

Atomler: Would you recommend Atomler to others?

Pamex: Yes, I would recommend Atomler! You have developed a smooth way for companies like mine to find new suppliers.

Stay safe and healthy! // Team Atomler


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