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Sales representative

Are you a doer with an "I want to learn" attitude? Looking to create meningful impact using your skills? Wa are looking for someone to lead our sales department, a team player who can help us further increase the recycling rate of plastic materials.
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Who we are:

Atomler is a greentech startup located in Sweden that is developing a B2B digital platform in order to increase the recycling rates of plastic material from post-industrial and ocean bound streams. Our vision is that there should be no need for landfills in the world.


Atomler is entering a new phase where there is a need to build a sales organization where industry experience and contacts that can be used directly are of great value and importance. As sales manager at Atomler you will work closely with the founding team and drive the sales process of Atomler’s push of getting new users onboard the platform. You will get the opportunity to be part of creating a world-class B2B experience and in the long term, creating your own sales organization. You will get the opportunity to improve the sales ratio of materials in our database as well as communicate Atomler’s offer to relevant material suppliers and thereby grow our user base of material suppliers. You will have access to tools that allow you to analyze our existing customers and our user database and perhaps you will be able to create completely new target groups based on insights from the data. Working closely with our Digital marketing specialist will allow you to gain insights into which materials are trending in demand as well.


We are looking for a creative doer who loves to learn and who faces challenges with a “how hard can it be?” attitude. You have a user-centered approach, and can engage customers. Just like Atomler you dare to dream big and you think you know how to make dreams into reality.


Main responsibilities:

  • Execute on parts of a marketing plan that has been developed but with a number of changes that can be discussed


  • Focus on increasing the number of users to a given target. 


  • Focus on increasing total revenue from customers to a given target.


  • Getting close and personal with users and driving sales


  • To collaborate with our Digital marketing specialist.


  • Facilitating material matches between users


  • Start building a sales organization by:

    • Establish a working process for user registration and conversion of users to a paying and satisfied customer

    • Hire 1 sales representative with a commission-based salary.

Your skill set includes: 

  • Passion about environment and sustainability


  • Experience of the plastic industry in Europe


  • Experience in working with communication


  • Experience in B2B sales


  • Experience with project management​


  • Fluent in English in both speech and writing preferably also in Swedish, German, Polish or Czech


Sweden - Flexible remote


Send us your CV or Linkedin link together with a motivation letter to hello [at] or use the link below and we will get in touch.

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