There should be no need for landfills in the world connects organisations who have available recyclable plastic material with organisations who need such materials that are cheaper than virgin material. The recycling rate in EU is roughly at around 30%, we aim to help accelerate that rate to around 70% by 2030. Together we can close the loop!

Who we are

Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli

Co-founder & CEO

Sammy-Sebastian is a dedicated snorkeler with a vision of unlocking the full impact potential of entrepreneurship through the facilitation of a circular economy. He has started and managed several student-driven organisations and has dedicated his free time to several sustainability-related projects. Since 2015 he has  worked as a data scientist within digital marketplaces and media.

Johannes Schill

Co-founder & CTO

Johannes is a web technology veteran who has managed his consultancy since 2001 and has developed websites and applications for over 25 years. He has worked in defining projects at SVT, Apoteket, Grafana and Tradera. Johannes likes "to keep the customer close" and he thrives in the bleeding edge of technological development..

Do you want to help us save the oceans?

We are looking for visionary companies, software developers and marketing/sales professionals who want to join our cause. Please feel free to send a short text to hello[at]

Our partners


Atomler AB
Malmskillnadsgatan 32 
Stockholm, Sweden

Tel#: +46 769 403091
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