Our vision

There should be no need for landfills in the world

​Atomler® connects organisations who have available recyclable plastic material with organisations who need such materials. Atomler® is your one stop shop for recyclable plastic materials and products. 
The team

Who we are

Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli
Co-founder & CEO
Sammy-Sebastian is an idealist with a vision of unlocking the full impact potential of entrepreneurship through the facilitation of a circular economy. He has more than 10 years of leadership experience and more than 5 years experience as data analyst and scientist within media and marketplaces.
Johannes Schill
Co-founcer & CTO
Venkatesh Thapan
Machine learning expert
Venkatesh is a machine learning whiz with experience of being a research assistant at Ashoka university, India. He has done several projects within machine learning and has built robots. Since 2019 he is a part of the atomler team.
Johannes is a web technology veteran who has managed his consultancy since 2001 and has developed websites and applications for over 25 years. He has worked in defining projects at SVT, Apoteket, Grafana and Tradera. Johannes likes "to keep the customer close" and he thrives in the bleeding edge of technological development.
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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For our users

If you have questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found in our customer service section. If you have other questions please contact us through our chat or using the "support" link below.