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Our offer

Increase your reach

Without an account you can access the supply map, visit company stores  and view basic material price information.
If you want to increase your reach even further and gain access to much more features the following experiences are available for you.


All "No account" features

Your own store

Free material requests

Inventory management

Direct contact with potential business partners

Unlimited "Free upon pickup" offers


Free account becomes a Basic account once you start to populate your store with material offers for only €9,99 per offer. 


In addition you get:

Price recommendations for certain material types

More traffic to your store


All ”Basic account” features

Better visibility for your material offers

Active help with sales

Unlimited material offers for only €0,07/kg – Maximum cost of €1000/year

Customer testimonial

“Atomler helped us to raise the price of our materials! It was a professional and simple process.” 


—  Morgan Karlsson, Production manager

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