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What is is the B2B platform for recyclable plastic material. The materials registered on range from sorted plastic waste to regranulates and compounds. If you are unsure about the material quality of any material, Atomler offers quality certificates for representative material samples. Feel free to book a product demo here:

Why should I use

  • You can see all registered materials, where they are, who is selling them and get a market price indication without having an account.
  • Atomler makes it easy to directly contact a potential business partner
  • Having an account on Atomler will instantly give your company more exposure on the internet.
  • You can increase your network, sell and buy regrind, flakes and baled materials through
  • If you are unsure about the quality of the material that you are selling or intend to buy, Atomler offers quality certification of a representative material sample.
  • makes sure to verify companies that register accounts on the platform, in order to ensure professionalism and trust between actors using the platform. Please contact customer service at support[at] if you, despite our efforts, encounter unprofessional behaviors on the platform.

Where can I expect the material demand or supply to be located? is a global platform and there are over 16 countries represented on the platform at the moment. If you want a view of where the current supply is available, please visit

Fees & Registration

Why should I register to

Creating an account on Atomler gives you instant access to:

- Your own store on Atomler

- Free material requests

- Inventory management

- Direct contact with potential business partners

- Ability to offer ”Free upon pickup” listings at no extra cost

- The supply map where you can see all supply registered at Atomler

- The stores of other companies on Atomler

- Nonaggrigated material price information

What does it mean to create an account?

  • Creating an account on Atomler is free of charge; you are not committed to any hidden fees or any other costs. It is possible to have multiple accounts linked to the same company.

Creating an account is quick and easy on this page

How much does it cost to create an account?

Creating an account on is free of charge!

Can anyone create an account? is a B2B platform for recyclable, recycled, off-spec and leftover plastic materials. Consequently, any company along the value chain of plastics is welcome to register accounts on the platform.


How can I trust the companies of the platform?

  • Atomler AB, the company responsible for operation and development of, verifies each company on the platform.
    You can also visit each company´s store and see their VAT number for your own due diligence process.

Services & Materials

What materials can be traded at

You are welcome to trade any material that can be classified as recyclable, recycled, off-spec or leftover plastic material. This includes compounds, regrinds, sorted production waste and other types of plastic materials. If you are unsure please contact our customer support at

What services does offer?

Atomler offers a range of services, for the most recent information please visit Our offers

I love the idea and want to be a more active part of the development of the platform!

That is great! We are developing in close collaboration with industry actors as we thoroughly believe in user centered product development. If you are interested in helping us further developing the product by testing unreleased features or have a say in our road map, please send a mail to or visit our hiring page