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Upcoming changes to your account on Atomler

Today we would like to inform you about the upcoming changes we will introduce for your account on Atomler on the 3rd of May, 2021. The updates will give you much more transparency in terms of who you do business with as well as how you find materials available on atomler.com. Further, we will get rid of our 3% commission model in favor of a fee for each material listing you populate your store on Atomler with. Take the opportunity to upload all your material offers now while it is still free of charge.

Changes include:

  • Commission free trade of materials on Atomler

  • We are removing our 3% fee on every transaction so you can communicate direct with the company you aim at doing business with

  • Your account on Atomler has been enriched with a store page

  • The store can be used as an additional marketing channel for your company as well as the materials you have available at the moment.

  • Direct contact with companies having accounts on Atomler will be possible

  • We will finally be able to facilitate direct negotiations between registered users of atomler.com. This means that you have contact information to your potential business partner available instantly on Atomler.

  • Several employees can now share the same company account

  • This means that the materials each one of the employees at your company can upload material offers and requests and all of them will be shown on the same store page on Atomler

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