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What's cooking at Atomler?

Newsletter #30

Dear awesome people, welcome back to a new and exciting autumn! We at Atomler really hope you have had a wonderful summer and that you are full of new energy. So, what has been cooking at Atomler you might ask? Well, let's dive right into the details:


  • Atomler has been talking to talents during Norrsken talent day which was fun.

  • Akash has created loads of content on Linkedin and our followers are growing steadily.

  • We have initiated talks regarding strategic partnerships with different companies

  • Users on are now generating an average of 7,4 order requests per week, we expect that number to grow since most people are back from their summer vacations.

  • There is a press release coming, stay tuned. =)

  • Within the RE:Source project we have summarized the latest results of our work and have sent out a "status report" to our stakeholders within the project.

  • The main interface for our shipping partners, the Atomler shipping terminal, has been developed and deployed by Johannes and Udara.

  • We are working hard on our new "custom offer" features which we hope to show you guys soon in a release mail.

  • New blog posts are available on

Customer testimonial:

Recently, Wolfplast had good experience using Atomler and we took the opportunity to ask David Haering, Managing director, 3 quick questions about his experience using Atomler. Atomler: Hi Mr. Haering, can you shortly explain what challenge Atomler helped you with?

Wolfplast: Connecting us with a reliable and professional supplier and matching our requirement with suitable material.

Atomler: How has the experience been in the process from communication to the final deal?

Wolfplast: Clear and concise communication, and the timely delivery of the samples and the load. We are happy with the overall process.

Atomler: Would you recommend Atomler to others?

Wolfplast: Yes, we would recommend Atomler. Your direct connection with the supplier and us lent credibility and took some of the ‘X’ factor out of the equation. The result was an uncomplicated and smooth transaction, which is always a pleasure in business.

Stay safe and healthy! // Team Atomler


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