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Your company store on Atomler is open

New features - April 2021

A map of what is available

Are you tired of going to 10 or 20 websites and then calling different persons in each company in order to better understand what their capabilities are or what the material quality really is? We at Atomler love to help out in making trade of recycled plastic materials more simple and transparent. Our latest changes on will hopefully help you out and get us all closer to closing the loop within the different plastic value chains. Please enjoy:

Company specific store

Every registered company on Atomler receives their own store for free on the platform. The store is open to everyone on the internet, so you can view the store as an additional marketing channel for your company. Atomler makes sure that you get as much exposure as possible given the content you provide to your store.

You can present your company, the capabilities you have and what materials you are interested in. Contact information is also available and you can present all your offers and needs in the store as well. Want to check out your store? Just log in and click on "My company store" in the top right menu.

Material management

Using Atomler you get full controll over your materials on offer as well as the ones you need. The new material manager gives you an overview of your inventory.

Your personal dashboard

Whenever you log into Atomler you will come to your pesonal dashboard where you will find relevant information.


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